During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we would like everyone to know that we are still seeing NTM patients at our UT Health North Campus. In compliance with current federal guidelines and recommendations, we are encouraging these visits to be conducted via telecommunication when at all possible.

For further information regarding setting up new patient consultations,  please contact Carolyn Peterson in our clinic at Carolyn.Peterson@uthct.edu. Current patients will receive a phone call from the nurse 1-2 days prior to their scheduled appointment to coordinate your telemedicine visit.

Thank you.


This website is about Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) lung disease in non-HIV infected patients. It is directed at patients with MAC lung disease or those who want to know more about the disease. It is written by physicians and investigators at the University of Texas Health Science Center who deal with these patients and their disease on a daily basis. The website is designed to be informative and encourage you to be part of the solution of MAC lung disease. It is a disease about which little is known, with more questions than answers. We believe in a scientific approach to these questions through clinical trials such as we have performed in the past. Without participation of patients and supporters, we will continue to struggle with the information gap that is such a frustrating part of this disease.

Richard J. Wallace, Jr., M.D.
Chairman, Department of Microbiology John Chapman Professorship in Microbiology
University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler


Welcome to the New MAC Forum!
As you may know over the last couple of months the forum had been over-run with spam, rendering the forum useless. To preserve the integrity of the message board we elected to reprogram the forum on a new platform. This will provide better functionality and hopefully alleviate much of the spam problems. Unfortunately, in this transition, all previous user accounts and posts had to be removed in the process. We hope you understand. Please go ahead and register for your new account to begin posting.

Should you have any technical questions or concerns feel free to email us at support@gettheclicks.com

To contact the MAC Support Team please go to our contact page

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Your MAC Support Team


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