Your primary care physician, pulmonologist or infectious disease physician can refer you to the UTHSCT. Please fax the following information to the Referrals Department at (903) 877-8919

  1. Results of sputum cultures for AFB (including the first positive AFB and the last two years of cultures for AFB).
  2. Results of susceptibility tests on positive AFB cultures, if available.
  3. Results of routine sputum cultures from the past 12 months, if available.
  4. Clinical or physician notes (or medical records) that describe your drug treatment, results of bronchoscopy or chest CTs.
  5. Face – sheet – Demographics & Insurance card

The patient should bring (preferably on a CD) the following documents to their clinic appointment:

  1. The most current CT scans of chest (within the last 6 months) with written interpretive reports.

Questions should be referred to:

Carolynn Peterson
Patient Hospitality Coordinator
Pulmonary Clinic
Phone 903-877-8953 / Fax 903-877-8919